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I recently enrolled my son back in April, I'm so impressed with their teaching methods. Ms. Ceecee is very good at communicating with parents, sending reports when she notices a lack of participation or something they need to work on. I feel like they really challenge the kids to think differently, my son has even improved on his coloring because they're so crafty. He has much more confidence because they hang his artwork up! Very happy with this school! :)

  • Rebecca R.

This school is overall amazing! My son was only here for 4 months but in those 4 months he had excelled dramatically! I hope I can take him back as soon as possible! Thank you, Keystone!

  • Louis R. 


We had our children in another local preschool which was great, but not good for our son who they could not handle for some unknown reason.

We then enrolled them at Keystone Montesori Preschool and the results have been amazing in six weeks. My boy adjusted to a point that he loves his school and looks forward to attending. He is only 3.5 y/o and he is now writing his name among other things.

My baby girl is happy and its exciting to see her learning progress as well.

I can't say enough kind words for the teachers or the Montesorri method of teaching. We're lucky to get in early since it seems that the school is expanding quickly.

We are extremely happy we found this amazing school. They have an amazing curriculum which it's helping our kids so much! I have no doubt Kindergarten and rest of school will be a piece of cake to them! Thank you!!!

My sweet girl is enrolled in this awesome school. So glad she is learning the Montessori methods for her future . Thank you to Ms. B for running a beautiful school. and to her teachers Ms.Cynthia and Ms. Rosemary 

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