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                   We are very serious about the safety of your child. Parents have peace of mind in knowing their child is safe and secure at our school. Our ultra-modern security system starts with our check-in and check-out procedures. All parents and guardians must enter their secret code at the entrance to check in their child to school. Authorized caregivers may drop off or pick up children only after the proper identification is presented and verified. If any person is picking your child up other than those listed as authorized personal - a written letter of permission is required.


Keystone Montessori has all doors to each classroom locked in order to prevent children from leaving the premises without an adult. In addition, our entrances, playgrounds, and exits are monitored 24 hours a day by surveillance cameras.


The safety of your child on our many playgrounds is maintained through state-of-the-art rubber surfacing. Each of our 3 separate play areas has a designated age range, only allowing children of the appropriate age for that type of equipment to play there. Additionally, each class takes turns on each playground to allow for close supervision and more space for each child to play.


Our security screens are monitored by our administrators and teachers. We take your child's safety personal and ensure utmost care and safety while at our facility




             Our parents can stay connected with their children all day via the Smart Care application.  We know that nothing is better than receiving a photo of your child passing a milestone. Now you can receive an update instantly, as they happen, and you can share them with anyone. You can also make a payment on your mobile device for your convenience. 

How we handle COVID-19



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